Friday, March 6, 2015

Entry for SCBWI annual contest

This was prompted by this year's annual SCBWI art contest to reinterpret the cover of this classic children's book. I wanted to do something a little bit dark and mysterious. People always focus on Wilbur in this story, but really, the main protagonist is Charlotte. She drives the plot, she saves the day. She dies! For many of us growing up, this book was probably the first time we were confronted with the idea of death. Not in the abstract either, like when nobody wants to play the mom when you're playing house so you just say "The mom's dead." This is not "oh, the character is just not around anymore." I mean seriously, it ruins you for the whole week when you read this in school! I wanted something organic and elegant, but a little dark and bold, that really captured Charlotte's spirit and does credit to the real drama of this book. 

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