Friday, July 26, 2013

goofy fish

Working on some studies for my portfolio. I'll admit technical and stylistic studies are something I just don't do enough. I think most artists could benefit from just looking at something and just drawing it. Just paint it, play with it. Just cuz. But I get so caught up in whatever my big main project is, I forget to just look at the world. Whenever I google fish, I just end up staring at them, mesmerized and forget I meant to paint them. There's something about how water affects light and color that I just find transportive, and interpreting it as an artist is such a challenge. So then I just say "meh, I'm gonna draw Steve Buscemi as a fish instead".

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Well my hoarding tendencies seem to have paid off at least a little. My computer may have crashed, but I still have every sketchbook I've ever had since the fourth grade. I was flipping through some stuff trying to rebuild my portfolio and stumbled on some pretty birdies.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hey Look! A Book!

I wrote a book! It's about a little Viking trying to find his way in the tough Viking world. Rather similar to How to Train Your Dragon (I wrote my story before the movie came out! Blast you Dreamworks!) but for babies. Plus it's super cute. It's my first book and I busted my butt to make it awesome and now I'm super proud. We're currently trouble shooting technical printing junk, but it should be available on Amazon by August, so keep an eye peeled for Frank the Gentle Viking