Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Eleventh Hour cravings are back again. If you're craving a tasty literary treat, look no further than Graeme Base's The Eleventh Hour. It's a classic who-dun-it with a romping animal twist.

The story follows Horace and his attempt to throw himself a fabulous birthday party to be ended by a magnificent feast and the prescribed Eleventh Hour. All his animal friends are invited to the costume party. After various games and party shenanigans, the animals stampede to the dinner hall, only to discover that one of their number has beaten them to it and scarfed down the whole thing! Readers are invited to solve the mystery (or for the impatient, rip open the sealed answer pages) and retrace the story looking for clues. 

Not only will you read the story again and again searching for clues, you'll want to just soak in the marvelous illustrations of all the fantastic animal friends. The feast scene in particular has been dancing in my brain for several months now. All the tortes and cakes and fruits and treats just glisten, it's enough to make your mouth water. Anyone who loves animals, food, or mysteries will treasure this book!

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