Sunday, June 16, 2013

I was feeling burned out on the handful of projects I've been working on. Looking at some of Kate Beaton's art inspired me to pick up a pen and reacquaint myself with some of my own country's historic faces. Now my day job pretty much just involves answering the phone, which I can do at the same time as doodle, but my boss caught me at it and looked at me like I was from outer space. Now granted, artists tend to have a very skewed perception of "normal", but drawing caricatures isn't all that strange an activity, is it? I asked if he needed me to do something for him, some other work, which he didn't, and the conversation ended with the phrase, "Don't get weird on me, Lucy."

If this sort of activity is considered weird, then clearly that's a promise I can't make. I think he and I just really don't know what to do with each other.

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